Dear friend,

If you lead a $5MM to $50MM company and feel stuck with your current marketing strategy…

Know this:

In the 70s and 80s… During the Golden Age of Italian cars… Pilots used a term to describe Ferraris, Lancias, and Alfa Romeos.

They called them “sincere”.

Sincere cars are beautiful, powerful, trustworthy, and unique.

They are timeless.

And today these collector’s favorites sell for millions of dollars.

But sincere is not just an automobile term. It also applies to Marketing.

A very few marketing strategies have reached timelessness. But you know every single one of them:

Just do it - I’m lovin’ it - Think different…

The first of these campaigns has been running for 34 years. It has increased Nike’s share of the American business from 18% to 43%.

The second was created 19 years ago when McDonald’s stock was at an all-time low. It is now their longest-running campaign ever.

And although the third one only ran for 5 years, it remains Apple’s most memorable campaign… Tripling their stock price in a single year.

Every marketer dreams of one day creating a timeless marketing strategy.

And I might surprise you… But it’s easier than you think.

In fact…

You too can build a “sincere” marketing strategy that will blow your competition out of the water… And still, be a best-seller 5 or 10 years from now


By knowing the single common driving factor behind all successful strategies.

I call it the Timeless Factor.

It’s a strategy driven by strict laws that guarantees you to create winners.

In fact, this very marketing strategy is the secret ingredient that allowed American Express’ “Don't Leave Home Without it” to run for 45 years…

…The genius “trick” that made Geico’s “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance” is the most well-known ad in America in the last 25 years…

…The golden factor behind Patagonia’s “Don’t Buy This Jacket” campaign, which still beats every new campaign now, 10 years after.

This Timeless Factor is simple and safe. It’s a blueprint that anyone can use, no matter their field or their audience.

It’s so simple that when I’ll reveal it to you in a few seconds… you’ll be saying “Duh!”

But don’t be fooled.

It’s hard to acquire and implement correctly.

To grasp it you need years of experience in marketing… And a good dose of “out-of-the-box” reasoning!

That’s why it’s worth millions of dollars, billions even.

Because by applying this strategy correctly… You can turn a mundane marketing campaign everyone will have forgotten in a few weeks… Into a “Control”.

That is, the best performing campaign to date…

…The game-changer that can bring you growth without the headaches…

Take you closer to your idea of success…

And allow you to upgrade your office space… Buy yourself a new car… Or gift your family a new vacation house.

Skeptical? I get it.

Today… Creating timeless strategies sounds like a dream… Especially when you see how fast marketing evolves.

The media and platforms you use now won’t be the same tomorrow.

And what worked great in 2021 doesn’t work at all in 2022.

Marketing evolves at a Godspeed pace… And it’s easy to get left behind.

But one thing doesn’t ever change. And it’s this Timeless Factor.

Because it relies on immutable psychological laws common to each and every one of us.

And whatever the product you sell… Whatever your audience… As long as you apply this Timeless Factor… You will create solid campaigns capable of running for years unbeaten.

I know because… I’ve created several myself thanks to it, often improving my client's results by several thousand percent.

As a matter of fact, it has allowed me to help start-ups, scale-ups, Fortune 100, public institutions, militaries, and even governments dramatically improve their growth and reach…

Even when they thought they couldn’t.

And it will allow me to do the same with your company:

👉🏼 Even if you’re already doing well, I will help you get the most out of your strategy and go beyond your current targets.

👉🏼 Even if your company is worth tens of millions of dollars, I will show you how to double or even triple your scale.

👉🏼 Even when you think you’ve already tried everything, I will show you there are still ways for you to unlock new sources of growth.

And this while making your marketing dollar even more effective.

Hard to believe? Well…

I've done it not once. Not twice.

But dozens of times.

And each time with proven results.

For instance when the founder of one of the largest digital media in South Florida called me.

He was spending countless hours on weaker brand strategies with almost no growth and a failing business model…

After I taught him how to use my Timeless Factor… He multiplied his reach by 6 and scaled it to 8-digits in revenue.

The same thing happened when I helped one of France’s most powerful institutions blow past its recruiting targets.

I used the Timeless Factor to multiply by 8 their number of qualified candidates (for 23% of their usual budget) in only 7 days.

They went from scratching their heads… To signing more contracts in a month than they’ve had for years!

Again by also implementing my Timeless Factor, I helped:

👉🏼 A B2B video scale-up quadruple their leads in only 6 months.

👉🏼 A niche car dealership generates $680,000 in orders within 2 weeks (half of it paid in advance)

👉🏼 A famous Cooking TV Reality Show multiplies its engagement by 6 after 3 episodes.

👉🏼 And many more...

And before you ask… this Timeless Factor has nothing to do with copywriting… CRO or SEO.

It’s much simpler than that.

It’s just near impossible to figure out by yourself, especially when you’ve got your eyes focused on the track.

I will reveal it to you in an instant but first… If you don’t know me already, let me introduce myself.

Hi! I'm Pierre-Olivier Carles

Like you, I am an entrepreneur and a CEO.

My company is called Digidust and we’re a marketing agency.

We work alongside high-end clients such as Disney, Pernod Ricard, Hart Dairy, or the TV Channel M6 to boost their engagement, growth, and sales.

We do that by helping them navigate everything digital marketing has to offer, leveraging what works and avoiding what doesn’t:

👉🏼 The ever-changing social platforms,

👉🏼 The new and flourishing types of funnels,

👉🏼 The trends they need to hack,

👉🏼 The algorithms we know how to work with.

But most of all… By building them their own winning strategies using the Timeless Factor.

And since you’ve waited long enough as is, I’m going to reveal to you what the Timeless Factor is all about.


It’s all about simplicity.

That’s right. I’d told you you’d say “Duh”. But listen closely.

The power of the Timeless Factor lies in conveying a clear and desirable message to the right people.

90% of marketers don’t get this. Even less know how to apply it.

Why? Because simplicity is the hardest quality to achieve.

To achieve “simple” you need to put in hundreds of hours of work.

You need to know what’s essential and what’s fluff.

You must know your market by heart: their hidden desires… their fears.

And you must go against the grain and the skepticism of your peers. Because simple isn’t glamorous. It isn’t clever, or impressive either.

But it works.

And it works better than any other strategy

Classic marketers want clever strategies that look good. Strategies that get them the awards.

For you I want sales. I want growth. I want results.

And that’s exactly what I’ve spent 24 years learning: how to create simple strategies that you can use to sell. And sell better than your competition.

Now a simple strategy isn’t simplistic.

If you want to create one yourself, be warned: it’s a ton of work.

First, you need to find where your best customer is hiding.

Be it on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Linkedin, or in another corner of the web.

Then you must find out the best way to reach them.

👉🏼 Could be with email…

👉🏼 With a Facebook ad…

👉🏼 A sponsored Instagram post…

👉🏼 From a partnership with an influencer...

👉🏼 Or with a better content strategy…

And everything in between.

And then, finally… What to say to him to close the sale.

To create a timeless marketing strategy… You need to nail all 3 aspects.

Make 1 mistake and you will fall short.

This is a daunting task… Even for the most seasoned marketers out there.

This is why…

I can do all this work for you… And build for you your own timeless marketing strategy

Imagine finally nailing your next campaign without the incredible amounts of guessing it requires.

Not having to spend hours weighing each option with your CMO or your Sales Team.

Wouldn’t it feel nice to finally have time to catch your breath?

Because as a CEO you make crucial decisions for your business. And I want to lift some of that pressure off your shoulders by giving you a one-of-a-kind marketing strategy that will take your company into a new cycle of growth and results.

Your own timeless strategy.

An entire new plan that will focus on reaching your clients where they gather and talking to them using the right words.

So you can create everlasting campaigns that will transform your business.

Let me give you an example.

When this now thriving law firm called me 7 years ago…

They relied on a complex marketing strategy to generate leads.

And it worked more or less but…

They were wondering why they couldn’t get more leads online even though their clients praised their service.

The problem was…

Their marketing strategy was way too complex!

Confusing. Difficult to understand. Didn’t talk to their target clients.

It frustrated them, demotivated them, overwhelmed them.

After they adopted the strategy I built them…

This law firm went from 11 online leads to 1,200+… in less than 12 months

– a $6.4M chess move!

It felt like a breath of fresh air for them.

For the first time, they got significant growth and ROI from their marketing efforts.

And they kept using this brand new strategy to generate leads. And it kept on working.

Until they got acquired in 2019 by a 400-attorney law firm and one of the co-founders retired, while the other joined the firm as a partner.

I’m not saying I brought them that great deal, but it contributed to putting them on the radar and increasing their valuation.

And it’s not the only case of long-term success I can tell you about.

Here is what my good friend Tim Connell, CEO of Hart Dairy, says about our work together:

Tim Connell


Hart Dairy Creamery

" What Pierre-Olivier brings to Hart Dairy goes beyond marketing strategy. He is 100% focused on building brand equity while supporting velocity in stores and our revenues.

His creativity is unrivaled when it comes to finding new tactics and turning our target audience into believers.

Over the years, he has become one of my most trusted advisors, and beyond that, I’m happy to also call him my friend. He is the one I call for an honest opinion when I need to make a major decision because I know he will shoot me straight.

If you can work with him, you will be doing yourself and your company a favor."

Here’s what Jeremie Moritz, Brand Director of Pernod Ricard USA, shares about our partnership:

Jeremie Moritz

Brand Director

Pernod Ricard USA

" I've worked for years with Pierre-Olivier. His strategy and guidance helped us grow three premium spirits brands on Instagram by 75% on average, and we also tripled our engagement rate in less than nine months.

He's creative, fast-thinking, and brutally honest for your own good.

If you're stuck with your marketing strategy, hire him!."

I’ve also asked Franck Menigou to tell you about the strategy I have created for the City of Toulouse, the 4th largest city in France:

Franck Menigou

Marketing Manager

City of Toulouse, France

" I have asked Pierre-Olivier to rethink and redesign our digital marketing strategy.

As a result, the city of Toulouse became the second city in the country in terms of reach and influence, right behind Paris - which has five times more residents.

Under his guidance, my marketing department has received many national awards, and we have become role models for a dozen major cities in Europe.

Consultants like Pierre-Olivier are scarce. He is brutally honest but tells you what he thinks with a benevolent mindset.

Still, he delivers practical advice, and his vision can help you in minutes if your business is plateauing.

You want to grow? Contact him."

To tell you about a case in a very different industry, here’s what my friend and client Raphaël Bravi can say after we worked together on the marketing of his restaurant chain:

Raphael Bravi

Head of Digital

231 East Street Burgers

" Pierre Olivier is more than a marketer; he's a family member. I like that he's devoted 200% and, more notably, that you can trust him.

After auditing our marketing strategy, he has figured out our clients' pain points and designed a new approach that I've ended up calling the "magic plan."

He has coached my team and me to get us where we wanted to be: French people's go-to restaurant chain for the best New York-style burgers.

Less than three months later, we received an award, and we are now considered one of the best burger joints in the country.

Work with him, and do what he says. Period."

I must admit, the family member part made me emotional when I received his testimonial!

But it’s not the last. Jim Cali of Next Gen Nutrition Investment Partners, LLC also had this to say about me:

Jim Cali

General Partner

Next Gen Nutrition

Investment Partners

" For emerging, fast-growth companies, building successful business and marketing strategies is not just important; it is perhaps the critical factor between success and failure.

For the past two years, Pierre-Olivier has been engaged with one of our portfolio investments, working with the management team and investors to help define a vision for the company and translate that into concrete - and yet affordable - action plans.

Through those efforts, the company’s reach and engagement have increased by 2,115% and 1,636%, respectively.

He has helped the company navigate a rapidly changing environment and curated new engagement channels required to fuel the company’s growing footprint."

The results and energy my clients got from our partnership are the same kind I want for you.

The truth is that it’s thrilling to give you a fresh new perspective. Attract results. Tap into your hidden potential.

Look: 90% of the time, your products and your team are not the problems…

Your marketing strategy is just too confusing!

To use racing imagery again…

You’re the pilot of a race car with burnt-out tires and an empty tank…

And I’m your pit stop

I know how cars like yours work.

And how to adjust them in a record time so you go back to the track faster and stronger than ever before.

So that you can achieve this “sincerity” Italian pilots are so fond of.

It’s what I’ve been doing for the last 24 years with success.

That’s why I’m offering you to have 2 1-hour Zoom calls with me. During those calls, I will create a brand new personalized marketing strategy for your business.

On the 1st, we will discuss your current context, your journey so far, and your goals.

At the 2nd meeting, I will tell you exactly how to reach your goals, step by step, and answer any questions you might have.

Here’s how we will proceed.

Once you reach out to me I will send you a document with a list of specific questions on it.

Fill out this document with as much detail as possible on yourself, your team, your business, your target audience, what you have been doing so far, and what you want to achieve now.

Take your time.

The better you complete that form, the more you will get from our first meeting.

This way, if I take your case and we schedule our first Zoom call, we can take full advantage of the time we spend together.

In those 2 calls I will give you:

👉🏼 My complete analysis of your situation

👉🏼 Why your current marketing strategy might not work as well as you’d like

👉🏼 Your personalized, 360° marketing strategy, including:

Where to find your ideal audience

The exact way to reach and engage them

How to convert them into faithful buyers

👉🏼 If needed, I will redesign your offer or suggest additional business models

👉🏼 What resources - human and financial - are needed to implement that strategy for the next 12 months

This will be a full audit of your business.

And for both calls, my team will send you a recording so you can refer back to it when needed.

In addition, you will receive an email summarizing the new marketing plan we discussed. And my direct email address for any follow-up questions.

But a word of warning.

I have 24 years of experience in marketing and I know what I can and can’t do.

If I think that… Even after our first meeting and for any reason… Working on your case won’t bring the expected result, I will politely decline and fully refund your money.

In any other case, I’m already excited to work with you and bring some mana to your business.

In full transparency, you also have to know that I don’t sugarcoat things because I believe honesty - even when a bit brutal - is the best way to help.

You will have my full analysis and the very best strategy I can put together to reach your goals and grow your brand footprint on the market.

This is why my clients keep calling me year after year. And eventually become friends.

It’s not for the nice words. It’s for actionable solutions that bring out strong results.

And also because…

1 consultation with me = thousands, sometimes millions of dollars in sales

For them and soon… for you too.

And here’s other good news: the cost of this service isn’t much compared to the value of the strategies I build.

No need to spend hours explaining it.

My track record with the dozens of clients I help each year and what my clients say about our collaboration do it pretty well.

The price of an online consultation with me is $12,000.

But I can also meet you in person, anywhere in North America. In that case, it comes to $15,000 plus expenses.

What you pay for is the value I will deliver, not the time I will spend on your case.

With that said… The first thing I appreciate in any relationship is trust.

This is why I'm offering you my Timeless Guarantee

If your new strategy doesn’t beat your last ones after 6 months of applying it to the letter…

I will offer you up to 3 rounds of consulting for free to get you to the objective we’ve set together.

That’s a $36,000 value guarantee.

You’ve heard me right.

A $36,000 guarantee that takes most of the risk off your shoulders to put it on mine.

That way you can focus on leading your company without additional stress or pressure.

It’s too good to be true, right?

Yes, it is... because there’s a trick.

Remember what I wrote earlier: I don’t take cases I can’t help.

So understand that if I accept your application… It means I’m certain I can help you achieve your goals.

My time is very limited though, I can only take 6 cases simultaneously.

I’m currently involved in 5 companies, and can’t reasonably handle more than 6 consulting sessions in addition to these responsibilities. I owe them that too.

So when I cross this mark, I close this offer and reopen it when there’s a new spot available.

If I have taken your case already, I either refund your money or offer you the next available spot one or two months later.

Want a winning marketing strategy?

Let's talk.

So if you want to get your company to new levels of marketing success, let’s jump on a free call right now!

I’ll explain to you everything I can offer you.

And answer any questions you might still have.

And THEN you’ll decide if my offer can help your company.

- This is a Preparatory Call. It’s **not** part of the service I will provide you when you take on my offer! -

I wish to book a Call

with Pierre-Olivier Carles

After that… let’s make some magic happen.

See you on Zoom,

Pierre-Olivier Carles

PS: My strategies have made millions for my clients.

So remember: if it fails to beat any of your last strategies (on similar playing fields) I will work for you for free.

You risk nothing. But don’t wait too long. I can only help 6 clients at a time.

PPS: If you’re still unsure about the value I will bring to your company, here are a few additional testimonials from some of my clients.

Mickael Nogal

French Congressman

" Building your reach online is crucial when you are in politics. It helps you explain your actions to the citizens you represent and allows you to describe your proposed laws.

Pierre-Olivier and I have been working closely together for more than five years now.

He has redefined my personal brand.

His marketing strategy has allowed me to be transparent in my actions and rebuilt trust between me and my constituents while skyrocketing my reach on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter by 25x.

More importantly, he is always available when I need mentoring or a piece of advice.

Stop thinking about it; Work with him."

Oswaldo Graziani

Creative Director

Fluent Cannabis

" There are plenty of so-called "social media marketing gurus" out there.

Very few are the real deal, and when it comes to understanding the cannabis industry, I've only met one. Pierre.

I met Pierre and his incredible team at Digidust in 2018, when I was beginning my journey at a licensed medical cannabis company in Florida as Creative Director. My +15-year experience creating successful content for social media platforms didn't prepare me for the highly complicated challenges cannabis had with social media regulations: censorship, shadow-banning, unfair treatment, and lack of proper response from the social media companies.

As soon as Digidust came in, everything changed. Pierre helped me develop social media plan bullet-proof for cannabis. They added know-how, muscle, and precise performance.

With his help, we became smart.

Our Instagram page, for example, went from being shut down several times to a stable platform with more than 27,000 followers. And by the way, it has never been shut down again.

In an industry where you find many boundaries and dead-ends, Digidust is helping us thrive. Pierre and his team listen first and act second. They take the time to understand your brand and build a digital vision for it, creating valuable content and building a solid community.

If you are serious about building a brand with digital presence coherence and impact, I recommend reaching out to Pierre."

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